hydraulic lift for bed

hydraulic lift for bed

hydraulic lift for bed

gas spring for bed,bed lift mechanism

Bedlift Gas Storage/Pneumatic Easy Lifting Furniture Gas Spring/Folding Bed Lift Mechanism

Product Name
hydraulic lift for bed
Spray painting for cylinder, chrome plating for piston rod.
80,000 cycles 
Supply Ability
100000 Set/Sets per Month
Ball connector/metal eye/clevis and so on
Automobile;Auto,car;Furniture;Machines,mechanical equipment; Boat,container,etc.

Product feature:

1.It's sturdy and durable steel bed frame .Lift up gas spring mechanism for bed
2.Once it assembled on the bottom of the steel bed frame , it can be moved easily.Lift up gas spring mechanism for bed
3.The steel bed frame will be more beautiful and useful.Lift up gas spring mechanism for bed
4.If the used bed frames are assembled with the steel bed frame , they will be  popularly sold and used.Lift up gas spring mechanism for bed,Lift up gas spring mechanism for bed
5.Have own factory and Accept OEM/ODM services

About Us

we are specialized company which dedicated to gas spring and bed lift mechanism,hydraulic bed lift mechanism, research and development, production and sales.
Mingrui with a high degree of professional guidance, successively developed various types of gas spring, a total of five series more than 300 varieties, application in car, furniture, machinery, medical treatment, the ships, the farm machinery, construction machinery and other industries, also can make special gas spring according to the special requirements by customers, it has been formed with the annual production capacity of 1.5 million a production capacity.

Website: www.bedliftmechanism.com

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