Hydraulic Bed Lift Kit

Hydraulic Bed Lift Kit

Hydraulic Bed Lift Kit

Hydraulic lift up storage bed
Hydraulic Bed Lift Mechanisms for Storage Bed
Murphy bed hardware kit gas spring lift

Model Material Color Loading capacity Product Length Package Size Package Weight
bed lift kit-600 Steel White/Black 22 48.5 2 60  62 x 15 x 5 24.4 x 5.9x 2 3.2 7
bed lift kit-900 Steel White/Black 40 88 3 90  92 x 15 x 5  36.2 x 5.9 x 2 5.5 12
bed lift kit-1200 Steel White/Black 60 132 4 120 122 x 15 x 5 48 x 6 x 2 7 15.4
bed lift kit-1500 Steel White/Black 90 185 5 150 152 x 15 x 5 60"x 6x 2 8 17.6

Hydraulic Bed Lift Mechanisms Features:

This lift mechanism frame is wildly used as storage bed lift kit which is ideal for lifting up mattress, board or bed frame of sofa & bed. It has below advantages:
1, Durable and sturdy:The storage bed lift mechanism is made of heavy duty steel material for rugged durability, durable and sturdy to use.
2, Wide application::Bed Lift Mechanisms can be oriented to open from the side of the bed, or the end of the bed.
-SPACE SAVING HELPER -The bed lift kit will give you a large under-bed storage space, greatly make full use of your room!
3, Easy to install:Comes with two lift mechanisms, each fully assembled into a one-piece unit for easy installation. Two gas hydraulic pistons provide easy access to your stored items.

Hydraulic Bed Lift Kit Product Details:

We have more than 10 years in manufacturing gas spring and sheet metal ensures the qualified bed lift mechanism products.
The Automatic production & coating line make gas spring bed storage lift kit quality control easily.
The most important parts of lift up hardware-gas spring SGS & TUV fatigue and performance test.
The metal sockets ends of the lift up hardware with capacity more than 5000N.
Optional QBQ rod which passed salty spray testing more than 500hrs.
The bed lift mechanism sizes are customizable.

Website: www.bedliftmechanism.com

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