China manufacturer high quality master lift gas spring for wall bed

hydraulic gas spring strut for wall bed

Main Features

1) Easy fitting
2) Compact structure
3) Definable spring characteristic and extension speed
4) Integrated damping
5) High volume OEM supply


 model type  Tube
  Piston rod diameter(mm) Stroke
Installation size
(  N)
YQ22 22 10 200 530 400
22 10 200 530 500
22 10 200 530 6000
22 10 210 528 1000
22 10 225 525 900
YQ26 26 10 230 280 450
26 10 230 580 900
Name  Storage bed gas spring
Material   Steel/ Stainless Steel/steel for piston rod
Application Furniture
Filled gas inert gas
Surface  spray painting for cylinder
Color  Black / White /grey/silver
Quality  ISO9001/ROHS/SGS
End fitting
/ Connector
Advantage     1.Pass 100,000 times fatigue testing
2.We can supply samples for free
The size and the force can be made according the customer requirment.

1 Q: Are you a Manufacturer?

A: Yes, we are a specialize in manufacturer bed lift mechanism with more than 15 years experience, most of hardware we made to use on our test fixture/jig and also sell to mainland always, for extend the oversea business we had established a specialized trade team to open the oversea market.

2 Q: Do you have design team to design the no-standard product?

A: Yes, We have a 8 engineers design team with the more than 10 years design experience at least for each of them. We can process the very complex test machine and hardware design.


3 Q: Can you customize product as per customer’s requirement?

A: Yes, this is our advantage because we have the professional design team, and we also can customize accordingly to customer’s drawing.


4 Q:How do you control your product quality before shipping?

A: We have a the professional QA team and the complete set of inspection tool and equipment, our products are 100% inspected before shipping, and we also have the process control to ensure ZERO defect product output to customer side.

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