Installation instryction and precautions of gas spring

◆The gas spring piston rod must be installed downwards and cannot inverted. So
as to reduce the friction and ensure the best damping effect and cushion
◆Whether the gas spring can be rightly mouthed mainly depends on the
mounting position; and when the gas spring is closed. It’s axial Line must pass
through the center of members.
◆The gas spring cannot be stressed laterally and is forbidden to be used as a
◆In order to ensure reliable sealing property. The surface of the piston rod cannot
be damaged and coated with paints, chemical matters and the like. The gas spring
must be painted before being mounted.
◆Do not dissect, bake and collide the gas spring due to high pressure product.
◆Do not rotate the gas spring piston rod leftwards. Rotate rightwards in case of
adjusting the direction of the connector.
◆Ambient temperature:·35·+60℃(80℃ under the special manufacture).
◆The mounting connection point shall be rotated flexibly without blocking
◆Reasonably select the dimension, properly apply the force, and ensure that the
stroke dimension of the piston rod has an allowance of 10mm.

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